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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial buildings require security officers to properly protect and secure while appropriately representing the company. Each business has specific security needs depending on the size and nature of the business but HCHP is determined to keep tenants, employees, and visitors safe.


Residential Communities

Security is a top priority for residential communities because people need to feel safe where they live. HCHP is qualified to protect and train the community on how to be proactive. We aim to have a low turnover rate in residential communities so residents can form a connection with the officers protecting them thus increasing their sense of security.


Construction Sites

The construction industry suffers from high rates of crime, especially job sites lacking adequate security measures. Avoid delays and costs due to crime by having HCHP protect your site.


Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions are in a high-risk industry for crime due to their dealings with money and valuable information. HCHP provides a visible security presence and our officers are trained to respond appropriately to sensitive situations and threats.



Hospitals and medical centers are some of the most active places making them vulnerable to crime. HCHP is trained to protect patients, staff, and visitors while maintaining peace in a high-stress environment.



Security in the hospitality industry requires safety and protection in addition to excellent customer service. A single act of crime can irreversibly tarnish a business’ reputation. HCHP understands the importance of your brand and safety of your guests and employees in such a bustling industry. We are committed to ensuring safety while meeting your hospitality standards


Industrial Facilities

Companies in the industrial sector contain valuable machinery and information which must be properly protected. HCHP will ensure the protection of these assets in addition to ensuring the company is in compliance with local and federal security and safety regulations.


Executive  Protection

Security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location.

Private &  Corporate Events

Protecting your guests’ image and exposure may be as important as their physical safety. A specialized corporate event security firm understands this and will put the right people and technology in place to give organizers and their VIP guests control.